The latest in fantasy books for kids

Water is the first of the Under-Under World books for 9 to 12 year olds. A modern Alice in Wonderland, it’s the story of a girl who falls into another world where she must face wolves, battle giants, and stop an evil plot to steal the world’s water. Only when she learns three vital but mystifying lessons can she save the water, save herself and find her way back home.

A book to read if you liked Harry Potter​

Sam is a spunky girl with the weight of two worlds on her shoulders: the world above ground and the magical Under-Under World. When she slips from one world to the next her troubles multiply. How can she take care of old Aunt C from down here?  How can she survive in a place where all the rules are different – where a boy talks to fish, mist cuts through fire, and castle locks spring open at a certain touch?


The story:
for young readers 9 – 12

Sam meets the ancient and fearsome Great Hildinski, the last survivor of a lost civilization and the keeper of many secrets.  Surely, the old woman can help her find her way back home — but she wants something from Sam first. Something that Sam can’t give because the real thief has it. And the real thief is getting more aggressive – and dangerous — by the minute. 

Why read this book?​

A new series of fantasy books for kids, Secrets of the Under-Under World explores the line between fantasy and reality and the special role kids can take in imagining better worlds. These children’s fantasy books tell the story of Sam’s adventures but they’re also about invention, perseverance, and hope.

Water is the first book in the series.