Fantasy Book Series

A children’s fantasy book series with a green twist

The first in the Under-Under World children’s fantasy book series, Water follows Sam from the polluted and uncaring world above ground into pristine and magical world far under-underground. At the core of the book is the battle for the earth’s water – a battle which is not far-fetched as drought and pollution are now threatening the clean water supply in some parts of the world. The book also touches on other “green” issues: disappearance of streams and rivers, ocean pollution, and general lack of respect for Mother Nature.

These adventure books for kids blend environmental fiction with fantasy, excitement, and fun. They also address core coming-of-age issues: self-respect, confidence, trust, and getting along with others.

Next up in the Under-Under World series: Creatures.  Stay tuned…

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P.S. Some of the content in this children’s fantasy book series is … well… fantasy. Like the under-under sun, rainbow mist and the magnetic train. But the imaginary solutions in the books are examples of what could be. And who knows what young people – with their brains, fresh thinking, and talent – can come up with to make the real world a better place?